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Conferience is an interactive web-app facilitating direct interaction among speakers and their audience for events such as: lectures, presentations, conferences, polling, training courses, seminars, focus groups, research & (executive) meetings.





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Users (event organizers, speakers, participants and sponsors) of Conferience.com are those that can convey their experience through the platform. We thank all of them for the enthusiasm they share, their satisfaction and happy words with us.


  • Nathan
    Jason Nathan
    Global Multi-Channel Capability Director,
    Just wanted to say how effective and professional I found the Conferience system used at Shopper ID Conference 2014 event in Athens. Everything worked very smoothly and I was particularly impressed wi...
  • Clarke
    Steve Clarke
    Sales Mentor, Author,,
    Inspirational Business Speaker
    I am very impressed by the web-app "Conferience" a great way to interact with an audience. I will definitely use this at future conferences
  • Pafili
    Agathi Pafili
    Senior Regulatory Policy Advisor,
    European Fund and Asset Management Association (EFAMA)
    Conferience is a great tool that allows a true interaction between speakers and audience in a fast, easy and efficient way. It allows the right questions to be put on the table and an exchange of view...
  • Diakonikolaou Ph.D
    George Diakonikolaou Ph.D
    PMP, Project Coach.,
    Conferience is an excellent web-app, which enables you to directly and easily interact with the attendees of a conference or a training course - whether it is big or small. Apart from the incredible a...
  • Virardi
    Michael R. Virardi
    Trainer | Speaker | Author,
    Conferience was not what I was waiting for to be developed. Conferience was what I needed to be developed!
  • Krintas
    Theodore Krintas
    Managing Director,
    Attica Wealth Management - Greece
    Conferience.com is a must in every conference. Live interaction with delegates creates a flawless experience for all!
  • Giotis, MSc, Ph.D. C., PMP, CSM, CSP
    Theofanis Giotis, MSc, Ph.D. C., PMP, CSM, CSP
    CEO of 12PM Consulting (ITEC Consulting),
    On every event your run worldwide, training or conference, you have a single issue: How to handle participants’ questions? Conferience gives a perfect solution to this single issue. Conferience is an ...
  • Kyriopoulos
    John Kyriopoulos
    Professor Emeritus of Health Economics,
    National School of Public Health
    The "Conferience" was used at the 13th Healthworld Conference for televoting needs among several participants. I consider that the features and tools of this application are user-friendly and suitable...
  • Tsiptsis
    Konstantinos Tsiptsis
    CRM & Customer Intelligence Manager,
    We had the opportunity to use Conferience in the framework of an internal workshop on campaign management. More than fifty participants had the opportunity to submit questions and rank them according ...
  • Kylafi
    Athina Kylafi
    Communications Manager,
    Corporate Communications, BASF Hellas S.A.
    Conferience is an excellent, user friendly, easy to use tool. I think it could turn a conference, meeting or other event into a unique experience.
  • Michaelidis
    Angelina Michaelidis
    General Manager,
    Response International S.A.
    Conferience is an interactive tool that adds value to the time I devote for business conferences. The use of Conferience.com started as an exploration, smoothly, using its fantastic, very handy user-i...
  • Divaris
    Babis Divaris
    Tax partner,
    Conferience gives to audience the role of active participants. Using Conferience, each participant can easily vote, make questions or intervene with other ways. The application is very easy to underst...
  • Koumis
    Marios Koumis
    Premier & Advance Propositions Manager,
    Customer Value Management, RBWM | HSBC Bank Plc
    This year's Wealth Management Forum was outstanding! Panel participants were all excellent, as their experience and in-depth knowledge of the business kept the audience 100% focused. The interactive r...
  • Zalokostas
    George Zalokostas
    Country Media Manage,
    Unilever - Greece & Cyprus
    Conferience is a great platform for managing the Q&A session in a conference. It is very easy to use, both for the administrator and for the participants. During our workshop, it encouraged the partic...
  • Engelbrecht
    Diana Engelbrecht
    Marketing Manager,
    at Digital Ship
    Using conferience.com added a new level of engagement between our speakers and audience. We received positive feedback from our enthusiastic users. Having the option to update the agenda on site was a...
  • Boussias
    Michael Boussias
    Owner | Publisher,
    at Boussias Communications
    We started using conferience.com at our first conference and we got enthusiastic reviews by the event delegates. Conferience.com has a new style in the way the participants interact with the speakers ...
  • Androulakis
    Nick Androulakis
    Logistics Coordinator,
    IEEE ECE 360
    Conferience gave us what we were looking for and upgraded our event to the next level. We broke down the walls between our panel and our audience! The feedback we got through the app was a nice featur...
  • SEN/JA
    Alumni Greece,
    We tested Conferience in one of our events and now we are trying to use it in every single one! It can turn a good experience to an amazing one by simply adding the parameter of interaction. More than...
  • Hourlias
    Paul Hourlias
    Marketing & Tech Manager at Youth Entrepreneurship Club,
    After the successful Startup Europe Week we organized in Chania, Crete last year, this year we decided to up a level organizing it in Chania as well as in Heraklion and Rethymnon. Knowing, especially ...
  • Papacosta
    Maria Papacosta
    Managing Director,
    Happy Creations
    Working with Conferience has enabled us to provide a greater level of interaction for our clients’ meetings and events. Its ease of use and limitless possibilities have turned it into a tool for us th...
  • Bartzokas
    Vassilios P. Bartzokas
    CEO / Founder Archisearch.gr,
    Organizer/Producer Esw [éso ] Conference
    Conferience events platform revolutionizes the way attendees and event organizers share information, ideas and questions. Through their smartphones, our attendees were engaged by asking questions, rat...
  • Paraschos
    Thanos Paraschos
    Founder of Youth Entrepreneurship Club,
    CEO of iprovidenow Ltd
    We used Conferience during Pan-European Startup Europe Week event 2016 in Chania-Crete, which was held simultaneously in 40 countries and 200+ cities in Europe, and it was the first big -scale event ...
  • Georgiadou
    Mary Georgiadou
    Chairman of the Executive Committee,
    Hellenic Institute of Human Resources Management
    On 6th of November 2014, the Hellenic Institute of Human Resources Management of the Hellenic Management Association organized its 5th Annual Conference under the title "The Big HR Debate - HR Reloadi...
  • Lahnalampi
    Timo Lahnalampi
    Senior Consultant ,
    Giulia Pastor, Consultant
    We found the Conferience tool very useful, especially for creating interactivity and asking questions in an event with a very tight timeline. The response from the audience was positive: a lot of ques...
  • Gongolidis
    Vasileios Gongolidis
    General Secretariat for Research & Technology,
    Member of the organizing committee of the 2nd Technology Forum 2015
    The web application Conferience made it easier for the moderators of the various sessions to interact with the audience through their smartphones and evaluate the speakers as well as the whole event. ...
  • Koudigkeli
    Christiana Koudigkeli
    Logistics Coordinator,
    Job Fair Athens 2015
    Conferience definitely brought our event and our Q&A sessions to the next level. We used it to bring together our audience and the speakers in a more interactive and modern way. It was the second ye...
  • Ouzounis
    Konstantinos Ouzounis
    Ethos Media S.A.
    Conferience has been proven an innovative and also smart application, as it allows interaction among the speakers and the participants of our conferences. However, what really makes it stand out, is h...
  • Papadimitriou
    Renata Papadimitriou
    Managing Director,
    The PR Corp.
    Conferience was chosen to be the element that will convert our client’s meeting to an open channel of communication among the presenter and the audience within the room and the one attending remotely!...
  • Vitou
    Isavella Vitou
    Senior Fund Analyst,
    Fund Selection Division, EUROBANK Asset Management M.F.M.C.
    Conferience is an innovative and very user friendly application. The competitive advantage of Conferience is that it can be accessed easily and quickly by any smart phone device that is connected to t...
  • Georgopoulos
    Dimitris Georgopoulos
    Partner at Rethink Business Lab.,
    Business Development Advisor & Executive Coach
    I tested “Conferience”, for the first time at a summit about customer service, where I had the responsibility of coordinating with demanding high-level participants and panels with first class executi...
  • Gousiou
    Anna Gousiou
    Product Manager, Diabetes Business Unit,
    Novo Nordisk Ltd.
    The service provided by Conferience was of high quality, adding value and contributing to the success of our satellite symposium. Both the audience and the speakers positively evaluated the televoting...
  • Tsantilas
    Panagiotis Tsantilas
    Marketing Manager,
    Training Center Coordinator SEE, ME, SA, Africa Knauf Hellas
    We decided to use Conferience for the first time during our 25 years ceremony convention organized for our key partners. Conferience proved to be a pleasant experience for us and an elegant, friendly ...
  • Sokolakis
    Georgios Sokolakis
    Commercial Sales Manager,
    Frezyderm S.A.
    The first time I used Conferience was in December 2015, during a training program for the sales department of Frezyderm, where I work as a commercial manager. Since the idea of innovation belongs to t...
  • Tsiliras
    Giannis Tsiliras
    Consumer CRM & Channel Management Director,
    Conferience has been an important asset to our internal workshops and conferences over the past year. It changed the way we interact with our people as we experienced even more engagement, participati...
  • Kalendi
    Marianna Kalendi
    General Secretariat,
    Digital Policy | Ministry of Digital Policy, Telecommunications & Media
    The platform contributed significantly to the success of our event and collection of the participants’ questions ran smoothly before as well as during the course of the event.
  • Giannaklis
    Iakovos Giannaklis
    Head of Branch Network,
    Conferience provided an innovative and cost effective solution to attracting questions and ideas from the participants in a number of internal meetings of our organization. Users were able to easily u...
  • Kotzamanidis
    Antonis Kotzamanidis
    Managing Director ,
    Entersoft S.A.
    We have used the Conferience service in an internal personnel meeting for first time this year. It actually proved to be a new interactive experience for the participants, both in posing questions and...
  • Sirmakezis
    Sotiris Sirmakezis
    General Manager,
    Retail Banking Piraeus Bank S.A.
    Conferience is an innovative web-app solution bringing a totally new dimension in a corporate meeting. The easiness of using it provided us a great help to collect ideas, feedback and outlooks from ou...
  • Milias
    Panos Milias
    Digital Media Manager,
    Nestle Hellas SA
    Conferience was a great experience in our event. It was very well received that managed to engage and motivate our audience to make questions. I would definitely suggest it in internal events, as many...

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